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Reliable final connections to deliver fuel into aircraft for when a refuelling vehicle is not suitable.


Complementary inspection and maintenance to reinforce a resilient and robust aviation fuel storage facility.


Supporting all aspects of aviation refuelling system design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.


Safe and dependable transfer of aviation fuel to meet the demands of commercial and general aviation operations.

Aviation refuelling


Designed and built to deliver

Refuelling equipment

Applying sound engineering practices, Air Fuel Systems integrate pumps, filters, meters, valves and controls to help into-plane and airport operators maintain fuel quality safely.



From delivery to aircraft

When there is a change or challenge within a refuelling operation, Air Fuel Systems can adapt a solution or develop a concepts with you. 



Every situation and location

Working with aviation refuelling operators and owners, Air Fuel Systems can support the infrastructure in and around a typical aviation fuel farm operation.  Providing a single point of contact, Air Fuel Systems can co-ordinate with trusted NDT inspection and COMPEX partners to coincide with support activities.


Inspection and maintenance are basic building blocks for a reliable aviation fuel handling operation.  ​Experienced Air Fuel Systems technicians are equipped to carry out a range of inspections and tests, including:

  • Filter vessel inspections and internal cleaning

  • Hose soaking and commissioning with fuel

  • Hose and coupling assembly pressure testing

  • Above and below ground pipework pressure testing

  • Relief valve pressure testing

  • Valve inspection and maintenance

  • Tank inspection


Over time with changing requirements, or from simple wear, replacement and adaptation of facilities is required.  Air Fuel Systems have experience and skills to source replacements, integrate, adapt or develop existing facilities, including:

  • Mechanical and actuated valves

  • Filter and pipework vent and relief arrangements

  • Fuel sampling and product recovery facilities

  • P&ID drawings, asset recording and tagging

  • Electrical safety controls and instrumentation


Sometimes things just happen, and a calm but rapid response is required.  Air Fuel Systems can mobilise technicians to attend prepared to help temporarily or permanently resolve the problem to protect the operation and environment.


Proud of supporting aviation refuelling operations for over

20 years


Air Fuel Systems has built a valuable reputation for taking responsibility for our work and the safe management of our technicians whilst in security sensitive areas.


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