Static aviation refuelling

Transferring aviation fuel from storage

Static dispenser

Static aviation fuel dispenser

Positioned very close to the apron or helipad, Air Fuel Systems can design and install a robust static aviation fuel dispensing facility to directly refuel aircraft from storage.

Designed to suit the operational environment, a heavy duty and fully galvanised steel base, with or without sheltering, is manufactured to ergonomically house all the necessary equipment required, from filters to meters to hose reel and hose.

Containerised unit

Modular aviation fuel control unit

For equipment security and operator comfort to carry out fuelling procedures, including fuel quality checks, a complete system is ergonomically laid out within the confines of a standard ISO container or made to measure structure.

A common or dedicated pump, filter and meter combination with associated valves and equipment allows aviation fuel to be loaded into storage and dispensed, with or without fuel additive, directly on board the aircraft or onto a refuelling vehicle.  Functional flexibility to suit your operational requirements.

Modifications & enhancement to existing faclities

Our extensive engineering experience can be used to modify and/or enhance your existing infrastructure to manage any functional or regulatory changes affecting your operation.